Having bounced around various advertising and design agencies for years, I've developed my own unique perspective on things – with a keen eye for detail. I've always had a strong appreciation for beauty and thinking outside the box, and my love for handmade crafts has been a constant in my life.

Back in the 80s, my mom taught me how to knit when I was just a teenager, and ever since, I've been hooked on playing with different materials, shapes, and colours as a way to express myself. Whether I'm working on knit designs or directing creative projects, I'm always striving for something more than just surface-level aesthetics – there's gotta be a creative spark behind it all.

Approaching my knit designs conceptually keeps me on my toes and always learning new skills. Sometimes, even I'm surprised by what I come up with! My goal with my knit designs isn't just to sell products, but to inspire and enable others. That's why I prefer sharing patterns so folks can create their own unique pieces.

So, dive into the reading, the knitting, and the wearing – and let's spread some inspiration together!

All Elbbrücken pics © Sven Heinrich Photography